Despite hurdles; farm bill optimism remains


Some lawmakers remain optimistic a farm bill can be completed this year despite the ongoing budget battle in Congress.

House Ag Committee member Eric Sorenson says a budget solution must come first…

“Every eyeball and every pen has been focused on this continuing resolution.” He says, “Getting the budgetary process done and then working on the farm bill.”

He tells Brownfield there is reason for optimism…

“We can push a farm bill through understanding that we’re not rewriting the farm bill, we’re just finding the ways that we can improve it from before.”  He says, “And look, I am eternally optimistic and I’m optimistic in our September deadline.”

Fellow House Ag Committee member from Illinois, Congresswoman Nikki Budzinski says congressional leaders want a farm bill done…

“We have a good chairman.”  She says, “Chairman Thompson has had many, many conversations, and I’ve also participated in conversations with our Senate chairwoman, Debbie Stabenow, who I also know would like to see this get done before she is retiring at the end of this year.”

The current farm bill extension expires at the end of September. 

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