Clip Drop: Kino Lorber to Release Sebastian in August


In the upcoming film “Sebastian,” directed by Finnish-British filmmaker Mikko Mäkelä, audiences are drawn into the complex world of Max, portrayed by Ruaridh Mollica, a young Londoner navigating the challenging waters of artistic success and personal identity. Max, an aspiring novelist, adopts the alias Sebastian to secretly moonlight as a sex worker, a decision that provides rich material for his writing but entangles him in a web of secrecy and self-discovery. This gripping narrative, crafted by Mäkelä, explores themes of authenticity, disguise, and the search for one’s true self in a modern world. “Sebastian” promises to captivate viewers with its intimate storytelling and nuanced performances, making its debut in select theaters this coming August.

New Clip: “Have We Met”

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