GEICO’s gecko gets the full documentary treatment


The insurance company GEICO is doing something a little different to advertise: It has turned documentary cameras on the life of its spokes-gecko.

Legend of the Lizard: The Full Never-Before-Seen Story of the GEICO Gecko is a 14-minute look into the early days of the lovable green character, introducing us to everyone from the English auntie who raised him — hence his accent — to his high school football coach.

Despite the absurd premise, the doc is played completely straight, with lifelong friends, work colleagues and other associates weighing in on how Gecko inspired them, saved relationships and, of course, saved them money on insurance.

But it wasn’t always easy. “He didn’t ask for this fame,” one associate comments.

“It’s not easy being a lizard in a man’s world. With success, there’s always someone out there trying to scale you down,” warns a man playing “childhood best friend” Jacob Lowden.

There’s also an appearance from GEICO’s other spokesman, the Caveman, who seems a little envious of the lizard’s fame.

The company will be promoting the doc on Super Bowl Sunday, but it can be found in full on YouTube.

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