Trailer Drop Indie Vampire Movie The Vourdalak


Set to chill cinema audiences, Oscilloscope Laboratories announces the exclusive release of “THE VOURDALAK,” a film that delves deep into vampire lore, predating the famous “Dracula.” This 18th Century narrative, directed by Adrien Beau, transports viewers to eerie, remote countrysides where the Marquis d’Urfé stumbles upon a manor with a dark secret. As the Marquis encounters the mysterious family residing within, the suspense thickens with the return of their patriarch, Gorcha, who may have come back as something sinister. “THE VOURDALAK” promises a blend of dread and fascination, featuring performances by Kacey Mottet Klein and Ariane Labed, among others. Prepare for a cinematic experience that’s both haunting and enthralling, hitting theaters later this month.

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