Taylor Swift has now been #1 for a “Fortnight,” but 14-spot Hot 100 domination shrinks to three


“Fortnight” means two weeks, and that’s officially now long Taylor Swift‘s song of the same name has been the #1 track in the country.

The first single from The Tortured Poets Department has held onto the top spot of the Hot 100 for a second week, though she wasn’t able to maintain her total chart domination. On April 29, as previously reported, the entire top 14 was made up of songs from Taylor’s new album. As of May 6, she’s “only” got three songs in the top 10: “Fortnight,” plus “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” at #9 and “Down Bad” at #10.

In other Taylor news, see if you can follow this: During Coachella in April, she was seen wearing a baseball cap advertising boyfriend Travis Kelce‘s New Heights podcast — resulting in the hat selling out so fast it had to be restocked four times. 

Here’s the interesting part: The cap is made by clothing company called Homage, which is the official apparel company for the podcast. On May 2 Homage announced that it’s gotten a major investment from the company Maximum Effort, which was co-founded by Taylor’s very good friend Ryan Reynolds. So, coincidence … or Taylornomics? We may never know.

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