Coheeds Claudio Sanchez ponders future Prize Fighter Inferno shows: “Well see”


Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez recently wrapped up his first-ever tour under his solo moniker, The Prize Fighter Inferno. A number of shows on the trek were sold out, including its finale in San Francisco on Saturday, March 2.

As for whether Prize Fighter will be returning to the live stage in the future, Sanchez told ABC Audio ahead of the tour, “Ultimately I’d love to come out of it with confidence to do it again.”

Whether or not more Prize Fighter shows happen, Sanchez assured that he’ll continue to work on new music.

“As far as music goes, I’m always writing it,” Sanchez said. “That was always the initial idea for Prize Fighter, was just to make music in that sort of controlled environment and share it and that be the form of expression, that’s where it would stop.”

“But we’ll see,” he added. “If it feels really good to express it live I’d probably consider doing it again.”

The debut Prize Fighter album, My Brother’s Blood Machine, dropped in 2006, and its sophomore follow-up, The City Introvert, dropped in 2021. Just ahead of the tour, Sanchez premiered a single called “Virtual Pioneers,” which finds him singing in a lower register than you might expect from the “Welcome Home” rocker. That’s because he recorded his vocals for “Virtual Pioneers” in a hotel room.

“I’m a pretty introverted, shy person, so I don’t really like calling attention to myself in the normal setting,” Sanchez said. “So I sang the song quietly in the hotel.”

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