Raging all week with you: Henry Winkler names Tom Morello president of the Fonzie Fan Club


Tom Morello is a Grammy-winning, multi-Platinum recording artist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, but he’s now earned a new title that dwarfs all of those accomplishments. We’re talking, of course, about being named president of the Fonzie Fan Club.

Said title was bestowed upon the Rage Against the Machine guitarist by none other than Arthur Fonzarelli himself, Henry Winkler. The Happy Days star had seen Morello perform with Bruce Springsteen during The Boss’ recent show in Los Angeles and later took to social media to share his experience at the show.

“[Morello] played like he was touched by God with Bruce,” Winkler wrote on Monday, April 8, later adding, “@tmorello you were on another level last night at the Forum! Thank you, Henry.”

Morello then responded by sharing that he was a member of the Fonzie Fan Club as a kid.

“I had a membership card and subscription to the official Fonzie fanzine,” Morello wrote. “I planned my week around Happy Days on Thursday nights. So thank YOU @hwinkler4real Henry Winkler for making my day!”

Days later, on Wednesday, April 10, Winkler posted, “I still can not get over your post .. I here by make you the President of the club Tom.”

“With humility I accept this great honor,” Morello replied. “As President of the Fonzie Fan Club I hereby appoint Leather and Pinky Tuscadero to my cabinet.”

As for how Morello’s life will change with this new role, we can only assume he now has the ability to start a jukebox just by hitting it.

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