Shinedown meets star of viral “Sound of Madness” headbanging video


Last week, Shinedown‘s 2008 song “Sound of Madness” made an unexpected jump into the top 10 on the iTunes songs chart. As is often the case, the reason for the song’s resurgence was TikTok.

Specifically, the clip is of a TikTok of a grandmother named Lauri Norris headbanging and rocking out to a performance of “Sound of Madness” during a Shinedown concert. The video was posted by Shinedown’s photographer, Sanjay Parikh, and has over 6 million views.

Now, Shinedown has shared an Instagram video of frontman Brent Smith meeting Norris. In the clip, Norris shares that she’s been attending Shinedown concerts for the last 20 years.

“When I see you at the shows, you rock harder than all the teenagers,” Smith laughs. “I love it.”

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