From jumping on a “Trampoline” to Spinning Out, SHAED keeps moving with latest album


First SHAED jumped off a “Trampoline,” then they hopped off the High Dive. Now, the trio keeps moving with their sophomore full-length album, Spinning Out.

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontwoman Chelsea Lee shares that the title of SHAED’s latest record “implies maybe a couple things.”

“We’re spinning out, out of control, in kind of facing all these obstacles and it’s affecting us mentally, honestly,” Lee says.

“But I think it can also be a positive,” she continues. “I think that we can spin forward.”

In spinning forward with Spinning Out, SHAED — made up of Lee and multi-instrumentalist twins Spencer and Max Ernst — opted for a more organic-sounding approach compared to the electropop stylings of their earlier material. Spencer credits that change in part to the birth of his and Chelsea’s daughter, June, in 2022.

“We would be sitting in our living room that has, like, a piano and this guitar, and June would be sitting there hanging out,” Spencer says. “So a lot of these songs, I think, were written in, like, a very stripped, acoustic setting.”

Max adds that they toyed with bringing that earlier sound to Spinning Out, but it didn’t mesh.

“We didn’t wanna cloud things up,” Max says. “We would try to add layers and we kept just ending up stripping everything away and kind of keeping it pretty bare.” 

Spinning Out is out now.

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