The Black Keys Patrick Carney has more thoughts on ex-manager Irving Azoff


The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney apparently has more to say about the band’s former manager, Irving Azoff.

As previously reported, news broke that the “Lonely Boy” duo split with Azoff and fellow manager Steve Moir earlier in June, just a week after they’d quietly canceled their upcoming U.S. arena tour. A rep for Azoff told Billboard that the parting was “amicable.” 

However, Carney indicated that there were some hard feelings in a social media post that began, “We got f*****.”

“I’ll let you all know how so it doesn’t happen to you,” Carney added. “Stay tuned.”

While he isn’t yet spilling all the details, Carney did decide to retweet a 2018 post from Azoff commenting on an article regarding artists and non-disparagement clauses. In his post, Azoff wrote, “Free legal advice to artists from Irving. It’s not disparagement if it’s true.”

Six years later, Carney responds, “Thank you! This advice is very important for all musicians. So great you provided this for us all,” which we can probably safely assume is sarcastic.

“It’s hard to speak up to the industry at times,” Carney continues. “So great to know you are always looking out for the artist.” 

As for that canceled tour, Carney and frontman Dan Auerbach say that the shows will be reworked to offer an “exciting, intimate experience for both fans and the band,” the details of which have yet to be announced.

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