Fans think Beyoncé may perform at Stagecoach Festival


Stagecoach Festival will be taking place April 26-28 in Indio, California, and fans seem to think Beyoncé may show up. 

Billboard reports those in the Beyhive have noticed several clues that suggest Bey’s possible appearance at the festival. For one, Cowboy Carter collaborators Brittney SpencerPost MaloneTanner AdellWillie Jones and Willie Nelson have sets at the event.

Another potential clue: A name, Backwoods Barbie, is featured in the lineup and the website, where a link connects to an Instagram account with 15 pictures, and several mentions of Beyoncé and Cowboy Carter.

Posts include photos of Beyoncé in Western attire, and pictures of Dolly Parton and Grace Jones, who respectively appeared on Cowboy Carter and Renaissance. The most recent post displays a map of the Stagecoach Festival grounds. “Catch me on Saturday night at 7pm out in Diplo’s Honky Tonk!” the caption reads.

If that’s not all, the account only follows Beyoncé, Parton, Wallen, Diplo, the Stagecoach Festival and restauranteur Guy Fieri. A banner and hauler promoting Cowboy Carter were also seen during Coachella weekend.

“Dj Backwoods Barbie on Ig is def giving very much Beyonce lol we see you gworl,” one fan wrote on social media.

Another asked the question, “Hive we at Stagecoach this weekend or nah?!?”

In other Bey news, she sent out another set of flowers, this time to a young fan named Tyler who was captured on video asking his mother questions like, “Where’s Beyoncé?” and “Can I visit Beyoncé?” He also insisted, “Beyoncé is our friend!” 

Tyler’s mom shared the news, adding the flowers were sent with a stuffed animal and a note that read, “I see your halo, Tyler.” In a DM exchange between the mom and Bey’s publicist, Yvette Noel-schure, she was told Bey “loved the video.”

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