Sean Paul wants fans to “Get Busy” and take advantage of Live Nations $25 Concert Week promotion


Live Nation’s Concert Week promotion, which offers $25 all-in tickets to thousands of summer concerts, runs through May 14. Sean Paul is one of the more than 900 artists taking part, and he tells ABC Audio that it’s his way of doing what he can to make things easier for his fans.

“I mean, things are getting crazy out there, expensive,” he says. “And the fans supported me forever. So it’s my way of of helping to to ease that pressure and give back a little bit.”

The “Get Busy” singer remembers when growing up in Jamaica, he couldn’t always afford to go to concerts. “I know how it feels,” he says. “And to get the news secondhand, to hear the next day what happened? That’s a bummer! It’s better to experience it firsthand … so a little bit of help goes a long way.”

If he wasn’t currently out on his own The Greatest Tour, Sean says he’d like to use the $25 deal to go see the Busta Rhymes/Missy Elliott/Ciara team-up. “That’s an awesome one,” he tells ABC Audio. As for his own tour, Sean’s thrilled that multiple generations are coming out to see him.

“I’m very thankful for that,” he says. “It means the music is still bumping and people are still feeling it, moms telling daughters what’s good, and so it just feels good to to know that people still appreciate the music.”

Which one of his many hits is the most fun for him to perform?

“I really love ‘Temperature.’ The track is so bouncy, it hits hard …it’s awesome to just vibe to,” Sean Paul says. “It’s always fun for me to see the whole crowd beat bouncing to the beat!”

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