The Who’s Roger Daltrey on getting old: “I’m ready to go at any time”


The Who infamously sang, “I hope I die before I get old” in their hit “My Generation,” which frontman Roger Daltrey seems to have some thoughts on now that he’s about to turn 80 in March.

Daltrey, who recently announced he was retiring as curator of the annual Teenage Cancer Trust charity shows, talked to the U.K. Times at a cancer ward, where he discussed the concept of getting older.

“Actually, being around these young people today I do ask myself, ‘What the f*** am I still doing here?’” he says. “I’m in the way. All us old farts, we really are just in the way of the young now, aren’t we?”

Daltrey blames his generation for the problems with the U.K.’s National Health Service, noting, “It’s partly because all these old farts like me are in the way, isn’t it? Let’s just die! Get me and my lot out the way.”

While some may fear dying, Daltrey seems to have come to terms with it.

“My dreams came true so, listen, I’m ready to go at any time,” he says. “My family are all great and all taken care of. You’ve got to be realistic.” He adds, “You can’t live your life forever. Like I said, people my age, we’re in the way. There are no guitar strings to be changed on this old instrument.” 

The Who is set to play two Teenage Cancer Trust shows on March 18 and 20 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and that just may be it for the band. 

Asked about The Who’s future, Daltrey replies, “I can’t answer that…We [he and Townshend] need to sit down and have a meeting, but at the moment I’m happy saying that part of my life is over.”

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