Camila Cabellos latest movie coming to theaters in August


Earlier this year, Camila Cabello‘s latest movie, Rob Peace, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie has since been purchased by a studio and will be in theaters this summer.

Deadline reports that the film, based on The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, a bestselling non-fiction book by Jeff Hobbs, will open in 500 theaters on Aug. 2. Written and directed by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, it’s about a real guy named Robert Peace who rose above his poor background to graduate from Yale with degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry.

But at the same time, Peace was selling weed to make money to help his dad, who he believed had been wrongfully jailed for murder. All this leads to a tragic ending.

Camila plays Rob’s girlfriend, Naya, who wonders if his father is worth the risk Rob is taking. Ejiofor plays Rob’s father, Skeet, while Mary J. Blige plays his mother, Jackie. The movie currently has a 76% rating on


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