Halsey posts mysterious letter teasing new song out June 4


Halsey‘s new era officially begins June 4.

She recently launched a mysterious website called formylasttrick.com, which includes various images. One of them is a ticket stub that says “Tuesday 12 noon, Columbia Records, The End.” If you click on it, you can see an image of a letter that looks like it was typed on an old-fashioned typewriter. It’s dated, oddly, June 7, 1971, and it comes from “Ashley Frangipane (Program Director).” That’s Halsey’s birth name, of course.

The letter says, “As you may have guessed I have written a new album. But I needed some time to figure out how to say what I needed to say. You see, I’ve been holding” — and then there’s a black stripe, indicating that some of the letter has been redacted — “and I need to let it out.”

She continues, “There’s so much I am going to reveal on this record but you need to know some of the story first. So before the chaos and confetti of big singles and album releases I just need to tell you my friend, why all matters this time. I’m releasing a new song on June 4. It’s just for us. Let’s start at THE END.”

This new music will be Halsey’s first official release since her 2021 album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, not counting “Lilith,” the song she released last year with BTS Suga for the video game Diablo IV.

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