Madonna reveals she was so sick last year, she could barely walk to her backyard


Madonna was forced to postpone the start of her Celebration Tour last year due to a bacterial infection that landed her in the hospital and she claimed nearly killed her. At her March 4 show in Los Angeles, she gave the audience some details about how sick she was.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Madonna said, “I would call in every other day and ask [my doctor] why I didn’t have any energy, when was my energy going to come back, when was I going to feel myself again, when can I go on tour again?’ All he would say is, ‘Go outside, in the sun.’”

“It was so hard for me to walk from my house to the backyard and sit in the sun. I know that sounds insane, but it was difficult … ” she continued. “It’s a strange thing to finally not feel like I was in control, and that was my lesson: to let go.”

She then thanked everyone who “took care me and listened to all of my endless complaining,” adding, “You’re patient and you’re kind. You still are.”

Madonna also revealed that when she was in bed hooked up to machines, her manager, Guy Oseary, asked her when she thought she might be ready to tour again.

“I took the oxygen out of my nose, I looked at him, and I said, ‘in two f****** months!’” Madonna stated. “I just said it. Sometimes you just have to say s***, put it out in the universe, and it happens.”

“My children are what really helped me pull through because they worked so hard …I didn’t want to let them down, so I just set a date, and that date became a reality,” she explained, adding, “I didn’t want to disappoint my fans. I never do.”

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