More No Doubt? Gwen Stefani is “open to anything” after Coachella reunion


This weekend, No Doubt is reforming to perform at Coachella. Whether or not the group plans to do more shows or record new music remains to be seen, but Gwen Stefani, at least, isn’t against the idea.

Speaking to NYLON magazine, Gwen says even before the band agreed to perform at Coachella, they’d already discussed playing together again. “It’s been a long time coming,” she says. “It’s been something that we were going to do.” After the festival, Gwen says she’s “open to anything.”  

“Well, I don’t have a crystal ball,” she adds. “Most things have surprised me in life. One of the things I’ve learned is to be present in the moment and try to absorb what’s happening around me instead of looking ahead.” She looks at their Coachella performance as, she says, “a really nice bow to tie on the relationship, because we were kids [when we met] … we’re going to be laughing, and we’re going to look at each other and go, ‘Oh my gosh —there you are.’”

As for her own music, Gwen’s duet with husband Blake Shelton, “Purple Irises,” is doing well, and she continues to work on new music, but she admits, “I don’t land in pop anymore. I don’t know where I land. And who cares? If anything’s going to happen, we’re in the Wild West right now in music, right? Crazy s*** happens.”

At least Gwen can be happy that she’s admired by the younger generation. Olivia Rodrigo told NYLON, “Gwen’s ability to evolve and explore different styles of music, songwriting, and aesthetic while still remaining true to herself is incredibly inspiring … there’s so much heart in every word she says, and every song feels like it’s ripped from the diary of the coolest girl you know.”

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