New Music Friday: 5SOS Luke Hemmings, Rosa Linn, Lindsey Stirling


An Australian, an Armenian and an American walk into a bar, er … all released new music this week.

5 Seconds of Summer singer Luke Hemmings has shared “Shakes,” the first single from his upcoming solo EP, boy, due out April 26. Luke says in a statement, “‘Shakes’ was written on a dreary NYC evening in between long periods of being on the road. This made it come naturally to write from a melancholy place and feeling of yearning to be back home. … There is a longing for love and self-acceptance in the lyrics and I hope it to be a song and feeling that anyone listening can find themselves in and attach their own story.”

Armenian singer Rosa Linn, best known for her hit “SNAP,” has released a new single called “Universe.” Rosa, who opened for Ed Sheeran last year, says that the song is her “anthem for the daydreamer.”  She notes, “It is a song about longing for someone or something you can never have in this version of reality; imagining another life, other circumstances, creating a whole different world where all the stars align perfectly for you to get that one thing that’ll finally make you complete!”

Violinist Lindsey Stirling has released a new song and video called “Eye of the Untold Her” from her album Duality, coming June 14. The dramatic video features Lindsey, dressed as the various personas she’s used over the years, playing the violin and dancing with Mark Ballas and Derek Hough. Speaking about the song, she says, “If only we could all see our full potential; what we could become. I think we would amaze ourselves … we all have an inner eye that can tell us where our truest course lies. Listening to that will help us find our richest life.”

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