She worked late cause shes a singer: Sabrina Carpenter gives SNL “Espresso,” “Nonsense” and more


Sabrina Carpenter customized her songs specifically for her first-ever Saturday Night Live performance — and appeared in a sketch, to boot.

Even before her first performance on the May 18 episode, Sabrina appeared in a pre-filmed sketch called Scooby Doo and the Mystery of the Shadow Phantom, which cast her as Daphne opposite host Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Freddie, Mikey Day‘s Shaggy, Sarah Sherman‘s Velma and a CGI Scooby Doo. They unmasked the bad guy, but then things got super-dark, disgusting and bloody. Everyone ended up dead, except Daphne.

For her first performance, Sabrina sang her massive hit “Espresso,” which began with her sitting in a bar reading a newspaper. The headline read “Sabrina Loves to Be On Top!,” with another story headlined, “That ‘Me Espresso’ Sparks Debate on Literacy.”  She then performed the song while two male dancers pretended to fight over her, and changed the f-word to “damn.”

Her second performance was a mash-up of “Feather” and “Nonsense.” When she got to the line in “Feather” that goes “I got you blocked, excited to never talk / I, I’m so sorry for your loss,” she changed it to “I got you blocked / excited to never talk / I, I’m on SNL and you’re not!”

She then transitioned into the outro of “Nonsense,” and as usual, she added some event-specific lyrics. Although they’re a bit too suggestive to quote, you can see the performance on YouTube.

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