Metallica’s classroom instruments performance among Jimmy Fallon’s favorite ‘Tonight Show’ moments


Jimmy Fallon first began his role as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show 10 years ago in February 2014. In an interview with Variety, he picks some of his favorite Tonight Show moments over the past decade, including a performance with Metallica.

Fallon specifically recalls when the metal legends joined him and The Tonight Show house band, The Roots, for a rendition of “Enter Sandman” played on classroom instruments, including a xylophone, toy clarinet and kazoo.

“They come off as such a tough band with a tough-guy vibe, and really they are just kind of sweethearts, and really, they just wanted to have fun,” Fallon says.

Metallica will be playing their regular instruments on the upcoming 2024 leg of their M72 tour, which comes to the U.S. in August.

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