Kewanee Bee Rescue Team Shares Rescues on their New Facebook Page


We introduced you to the new Kewanee Honey Bee Rescue team of Eric Wolf and Tim Bryner back in May. They now have a Facebook page to share their many rescues and how to contact them if you find a honey bee hive in need of rescue. Visit the Kewanee Bee Rescue Facebook page here. They are located in Kewanee, but they are willing to travel a great distance for a honey bee rescue.

Eric Wolf and Tim Bryner are ready to take honey bee rescue to the next level and raise awareness of the importance of honey bees in the ecosystem. Eric has been rescuing honey bees for 15 years, and Tim Bryner started helping Eric two years ago. The swarm season is normally in the Spring, when nectar and pollen are readily available. Honeybees increase their numbers during this time of the year. Honeybees are harmless and do not want to sting you, but will sting if they feel you are a real threat.

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