Kewanee City Council Meeting Agenda for June 10, 2024


The Kewanee City Council will meet on Monday, June 10th, at 7 PM. The meeting will be carried out live on our WKEI Facebook page. The Agenda and Notes from the packet are below. You can find the background information on the agenda items in the Kewanee City Council Packet, linked here.

1. Roll Call
2. Closed Session to discuss Personnel Section 2(c)(1), Litigation Section 2(c)(11), Sale or Lease of Real estate Section 2(c)(6), and Discussion of Closed Session Minutes section 2(c)(21)
3. Roll Call
4. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Minutes
b. Approval of Closed Session Minutes from May 28th
c. Payroll
d. Staff Reports
e. Francis Park Car Show
5. Payment of the bills
6. Public Comments
7. New Business
a) Presentation: KEDC
b) Presentation: Crossroads Cultural Connections and Kewanee Band Shell
c) Bill 24-52 Resolution fixing the budget for the Fiscal Year beginning May 1, 2024, and ending April 30, 2025.
d) Bill 24-53 Ordinance granting a Special Use Permit to Taurean Bond dba Timeout Pub & Grub for property located at 200 E Seventh St.
e) Bill 24-54 Resolution to award demolition work at 803 Columbus Ave St to Martin Bros Companies INC.
f) Bill 24-55 Resolution to award demolition work at 519 McKinley Ave to Boers Excavating LLC.
g) Bill 24-56 Resolution to award demolition work at 614 S Chestnut St to Martin Bros Companies INC.
h) Bill 24-57 Resolution to award demolition work at 132 W Church St to Martin Bros Companies INC.
i) Bill 24-58 Resolution to award demolition work at 1029 Roseview Ave to Martin Bros Companies INC.
j) Bill 24-59 Resolution to award demolition work at 1031 Roseview Ave to Martin Bros Companies INC.
k) Bill 24-60 Resolution authorizing the execution of an agreement with IMEG for construction inspection and material testing for the Lyle Street/Elm Street reconstruction project.
8. Council Communications
9. Announcements
10. Adjournment

Also in the council packet:

1. Fire Station #2— As you know, the building was damaged when a vehicle backed into a load bearing support column. We expect to have a report from the structural engineer next week that provides an estimate for the repairs. The structure is safe for temporary occupancy and it is believed that the repair work could be completed by the end of September, given current lead times for materials.

2. PRICE Grant— At the first City Council meeting in May we held a public hearing regarding a grant application that, if funded, would provide a means for improving the aesthetics, economic viability, and living conditions of the mobile home parks within the City. The Department of Housing and Urban Development subsequently announced that the application deadline has been pushed back from June 5th to July 10th. We will continue working on the grant, incorporating input that has been provided by the public.

3. Red Adams Road— Staff is working with the county on the Red Adams Road issue and has made repairs to the surface. We will continue to monitor the condition of the road in an effort to prevent the same from happening again.

4. Transfer Station— The City received a draft of a proposed Agreed Interim Order from the ILEPA regarding past violations at the facility. For the most part, the order is acceptable, but there is one portion in particular that we would like to address, that being the construction of a 3rd leachate tank. Given that the building was designed with only two leachate tanks and given the impending removal of the overwhelming majority of the waste stream processed at the facility when Lakeshore assumes collection duties, the mandated construction does not appear to be the best use of our limited revenues. A copy of the draft agreement will be provided in closed session.

5. Lake Street Sidewalk— Costs for the sidewalk, including the city’s match, continue to climb, so the project has been scaled back from what was originally planned. The City’s ITEP application to continue the sidewalk from where the first phase of the project ends was not selected for funding in the latest round. IDOT received 143 applications but only had funding for 47 of them. We will keep seeking sources of funding for the project.

6. Citywide Cleanup— The citywide cleanup held on June 1st was once again a successful event, serving 235 vehicles compared to 166 last year, collecting 45,000 pound of junk and debris, compared to28,000 pounds during the last event. Statistics from the event are included in your packet.

7. Fire Department Personnel— Firefighter McCready has completed his probation. He is slated to attend paramedic school this fiscal year.

8. Vehicle Damage— The canine vehicle, which will rotate out of service when the new canine vehicle has been fully upfitted with the proper equipment, received minor damage when it struck a vehicle during a response to a call involving a gun. Minor damage estimated to be under $1,000 was also caused to the vehicle that was struck. Department administration will review camera footage of the incident and proceed accordingly.

9. Children’s Safety Expo 2024—Senator Neil Anderson & Representative Travis Weaver are sponsoring a Children’s Safety Expo on Saturday, August 17th at Blackhawk College Education Center Parking Lot (404 E. 3rd Street, directly north of City Hall). The event will run from 9:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. and will have equipment from the city on display.

10. Illinois Works— The American Job Center will be offering a Pre-Apprenticeship Program July 1 through August 9th in Construction and Building Trades. Classes will be held at the Geneseo High School CTE Building. Students will receive a stipend for each hour attended and should exit the program job-ready with industry recognized credentials. Anyone wanting more information may call the American Job Center at (309) 429-6429. A copy of the flyer is included with your packet.

11. Senior Center— The Senior Center will be having an open house event on June 15th from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to celebrate its 50th year. A copy of the flyer is included in your packet.

12. More Solar— The City was approached by a firm seeking to lease property for the installation of a solar array. More information will be available during the closed session.



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