Kewanee City Council Meeting Agenda for June 24, 2024


The Kewanee City Council will meet on Monday, June 24th, at 7 PM. The meeting will be carried out live on our WKEI Facebook page. The agenda and notes from the packet are below. You can find the background information on the agenda items in the Kewanee City Council Packet, linked here.

1. Roll Call
2. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Minutes
b. Payroll
c. Staff Reports
d. Fireworks Permit for Cernovich
e. Fireworks Permit for NE Park
3. Payment of the bills
4. Public Comments
5. Swearing in of New Personnel
6. New Business
a) Update: Station 2
b) Bid Opening: 309 N Main St
c) Bill 24-61 Resolution authorizing the purchase of seven commercial lawnmowers from Bock Equipment and Repairs, and financing them through the State Bank of Toulon, for use in the City of Kewanee Cemeteries and Parks.
d) Bill 24-62 Ordinance to vacate the alley between Third and Fourth Streets east of the east right-of-way line of May Street and to vacate Fourth Street east of the east right-ofway line of May Street.
7. Council Communications
8. Announcement
9. Adjournment

Also in the council packet:

1. Fire Station #2— Staff met earlier this week to finalize the RFP for completing the repairs. Responses to the RFP will be due on July 12, and we expect the contract to be awarded at the July 22nd meeting, with completion in late September or early October, depending on lead times for materials.

2. HCTB— The Henry County Tourism Bureau completed interviews and has selected Kelly Wolf to serve as the Bureau’s next director.

3. Woodland Palace— The Kewanee Preservation Society is hosting an informational meeting next Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Petersen Auditorium to discuss ways in which the group can help ensure the preservation of the structure. I’m sure they would appreciate our support as much as we appreciate theirs.

4. Police Grants— The department was awarded a few small grants to help fund enforcement efforts, including an IDOT speed enforcement grant that will fund a campaign from July 9th through the end of July. The grant pays for additional patrols focused on improved safety through speed reduction.

5. PRICE Grant— At the first City Council meeting in May we held a public hearing regarding a grant application that, if funded, would provide a means for improving the aesthetics, economic viability, and living conditions of the mobile home parks within the City. The Department of Housing and Urban Development subsequently announced that the application deadline has been pushed back from June 5th to July 10th.

6. Children’s Safety Expo 2024—Senator Neil Anderson & Representative Travis Weaver are sponsoring a Children’s Safety Expo on Saturday, August 17th at Blackhawk College Education Center Parking Lot (404 E. 3rd Street, directly north of City Hall). The event will run from 9:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. and will have equipment from the city on display.

7. Illinois Works— The American Job Center will be offering a Pre-Apprenticeship Program July 1 through August 9th in Construction and Building Trades. Classes will be held at the Geneseo High School CTE Building. Students will receive a stipend for each hour attended and should exit the program job-ready with industry-recognized credentials. Anyone wanting more information may call the American Job Center at (309) 429-6429. A copy of the flyer is included with your packet.

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