Kewanee High School Key Club Helped Clean Up Kewanee for Rep. Travis Weaver Project


The Kewanee High School Key Club participated in Representative Travis Weaver’s initiative to clean up local communities. In a Facebook post, the Kewanee High School Key Club said, “We participated in State Representative Travis Weaver’s Community Clean Up Project! It was a beautiful evening to catch up, get some exercise and help beautify our town!”

Kewanee High School student Aaliyah Duarte said, “I helped with the clean up today. I do have to say it was a really good service project our advisors Mrs. Johnson and Senora Miler hosted. Yes we did clean up but it was good to be with our friends and talk. We had fun competing to see who would get the biggest bag of trash and it really did get a little intense! But we had lots of fun.”

Representative Travis Weaver said on the Kewanee Key Club Facebook post, “Oh wow this is amazing! So inspiring to see so many students stepping up to make their community a cleaner place.”

Illinois State Representative Travis Weaver started an initiative to clean up our communities for students in grades K-12 to get a certificate of service to use on a college or job resume. The Community Clean-Up Project aims to clean up communities by filling trash bags and submitting a photo on a Google link to Representative Travis Weaver. Students must have parent or guardian permission to participate and must have adult supervision while collecting trash around their community. The deadline to submit entries is June 15, 2024. In a Facebook post, Representative Travis Weaver said, “This is a great way to teach your children about service, spend time together, and make your community a better place. Also, with the warm weather we have now, it’s a joy to be walking outside!” Submit your photos here.


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