MACVB Adds Two Donors To Macomb Monopoly Project


MACOMB, IL – The Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (MACVB) and the Macomb Monopoly Committee announced the addition of two new very generous donors of the Macomb Monopoly Project: MidAmerican National Bank and Century 21 – Purdum-Epperson, Inc. Each donated $5,000 to the project, which will be dedicated next year on May 9th, Lizzie’s birthdate.

Phase Two of the Macomb Monopoly Project includes the production of four monuments to be placed on the four corners of the inner Square on the cement pedestals that held former sculpture exhibits. The new Monopoly structures include a larger-than-life rotating dice, Lincoln-style stovepipe top hat, two-sided Landlord’s/Monopoly game board and a life-size Lizzie Magie.

In addition to the giant game pieces created by Gabe Steven’s MasterPiece Customs, Biggsville, IL, The World’s Largest Monopoly Game will also be unveiled. The virtual game is in co-development with Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia and Chicago’s eAtlas and will employ the entire downtown Macomb Square as the game board.

The MACVB was awarded $40,000 in the State of Illinois’ Tourism Attractions and Festivals Grant Program. As this is a matching grant program, the project is seeking financial donations from the local community and businesses. Any donation will be tax deductible.

For more information on the Macomb Monopoly Project or to make a donation, contact the MACVB by email at [email protected] or give them a call at (309) 833-1315.

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