OSF HealthCare Saint Luke 2024 Sunflower Award Winners


In Kewanee, Illinois, OSF HealthCare Saint Luke Medical Center has just announced the recipients of the 2024 Sunflower Award. This prestigious accolade honors non-nursing staff members who exhibit extraordinary dedication and care in their roles. This year’s winners are Angie Smith, Cindy Jacobs, and Kaylynn McNamee, who were selected for their exceptional service based on glowing nominations from both patients and their peers. The Sunflower Award highlights the crucial role of non-nursing personnel in healthcare, celebrating those who contribute significantly to patient care and overall wellness.

Angie Smith is a certified nurse assistant in the Medical/Surgical Acute unit. ​Angie was nominated for a Sunflower Award for compassionate patient care. “I had Angie quite a few times since I was in Swing Bed Services at OSF Saint Luke. She brought me from hardly able to help myself to where I am today. Always very patient and caring. She never made me feel self-conscious – such care and compassion. Love her!”

Cindy Jacobs, occupational therapy assistant in Rehabilitation Services, was nominated for a Sunflower Award for providing exceptional patient care. “Cindy knows her job and is good at it. In all the time I’ve been dealing with a broken ankle and some unforeseen problems, I only got emotional once. Cindy lowered her voice and said, ‘We will get through this together. A little setback will not keep you from going home – no fluffing off. Let’s see how well you hop.’ Love it! Her skills and compassion are wonderful – love her!”

Kaylynn is always going above and beyond for her patients and fellow Mission Partners. Recently, she provided extraordinary compassion and kindness to one of her patients. “I got picked for a random drug screen at my school and ended up missing my ride home. I was going to be late for my shift because of the drug screen, so Kaylynn offered to let me do the drug screen after work. Since I missed my ride home, she gave me a ride to my house to get changed and then dropped me off at work so I wouldn’t miss my shift. I need my job since I help take care of my siblings. I’m glad that she helped me, so I didn’t have to worry.”

“Outstanding nursing care is recognized through the DAISY Award, but there are Mission Partners, like Angie, Cindy and Kaylynn, who are not nurses, providing extraordinary care. It’s awesome to be able to recognize them with Sunflower awards, they are all truly deserving of the honor,” said Lori Christiansen, vice president of Support Services.

To recognize a non-nursing employee who has provided exceptional service, submit a nomination to honor their dedication at osfhealthcarefoundation.org/sunflower-award.

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