IVCC Students will Soon Receive Education Emergency Relief Funds Towards Tuition


Financial Aid Director, Eric Johnson, announced that Illinois Valley Community College students will soon receive $1.8 million in Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds. Johnson’s office transmitted $1,843,876 Wednesday to 2,466 fall semester students for an average award of nearly $750. Students can use the awards to pay spring tuition as enrollment opened this week for the semester starting January 9, 2023.

IVCC is also offering $100 gift cards to students paying (or making payment arrangements) by December 15, 2022. While supplies last, cards will be distributed on main campus and Ottawa Center for use in the bookstore, for the food service or at local vendors. In addition, to reward students taking full loads, tuition will be waived for any hours above 15.

IVCC President Jerry Corcoran said the college is hopeful the incentives fuel enrollment momentum. As of October 28th, fall enrollment was up nearly 6 percent in credit hours and 4.2 percent in head count. The college has not raised its $133 per hour tuition rate for five years.

“Our students can expect a quality, affordable education as they prepare for a career or university transfer,” said Corcoran. “More students are discovering what a tremendous value this institution is.”

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