Peru Police Department Mourns Loss of Retired K9 Miko


The Peru Police Department announced the passing of retired K9 Officer Miko.  Miko is an 11-year-old German Sheppard that has partnered with Sergeant Matt Peters from 2014 to 2021.  K9 Miko has been involved in numerous drug seizures, offender apprehensions and searches for fleeing subjects and missing persons.  Since his retirement in 2021, Miko has been living with Sergeant Peters and his wife Tabitha.  Miko enjoyed his retirement by laying around and enjoying the sunshine, while eating all the treats he could get his paws into.  He is grave loss to not only Matt and Tabitha but to the whole Peru Police Department family.

“Miko, you will surely be missed, and we thank you for all of your service to the police department and the community.  Godspeed Miko, we’ll handle it from here.”

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