Start a Career in Music at Illinois Valley Community College this Fall


Illinois Valley Community College is a great place to start your music career. You can be an aspiring musician, someone who wants to fine tune their musical abilities or just someone who always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. IVCC offers private lessons in drums, voice, flute, piano, guitar, trumpet, percussion instruments and saxophone. In addition to private lessons, those who are interested in public performances are welcome to participate in the collegiate chorale, wind ensemble or jazz band.

Music Theory is offered in the Fall and Spring semester at IVCC examining two essential components of music – the study of written music and ear training. “In studying Music Theory, one learns how to read and write music. One learns to identify patterns and structures in melody, harmony and form through the study of musical works of the great composers, and how to turn those techniques into a useful set of applicable tools for those wishing to express their own musical ideas. Beyond the written component, one also studies ear training through aural recognition of specific musical concepts, sight singing for the purpose of becoming a fluent reader and musical dictation in order to put one’s ideas into written form. Music Theory is the first and most important course for any freshman music major, because it teaches basic core musical knowledge, and therefore is the universal prerequisite for all subsequent music curriculum course work. Simply put, one cannot progress in any college level music curriculum or be an active music major without beginning with Music Theory I,” explained Professor of Music, Michael Pecherek.

In addition to Music Theory, IVCC also offers a transfer general education class in the fine arts category in Music Appreciation.

“Music is one of those amazing careers that has all kinds of latitude from vocal to instrumental. IVCC offers one credit college classes in private instrument lessons or general classes to expedite your transfer to a university for a more in-depth study. Students have the option of studying for personal growth or for future employment. IVCC helps students to develop the skills and concepts critical for a career in music. Jobs in the musical field are competitive careers with a broad array of employment options including marketing, music production, touring managers, music therapists, music teachers, sound engineers and conductors. IVCC’s talented music professors are here to serve as the gateway and guide students into opportunities for their futures,” said Vice President for Student Services, Mark Grzybowski.

Fall classes begin Wednesday, August 16, 2023, and registration is underway. Call 815-224-0439.

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