12 Days of Giving Campaign Starts December 1st


Join Carroll-Lee-Whiteside Extension in giving back this holiday season through the 12 Days of Giving. Favorite foods are an important part of the holiday season, often connected to comfort and memories. During this season of giving, you can make a positive impact on the life of our neighbors in need by donating items that warm and nourish families through our 12 Days of Giving campaign.

The campaign is planned with the goal of encouraging people to donate items that will support the health and well-being of families accessing our local food pantries, as well as providing education on the importance of healthy food donations.

The food we eat plays a large role in health and impacts whether families can lead an active, healthy life. Communities with higher rates of food insecurity have been shown to have higher rates of diet related chronic diseases when compared to national rates.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease cause seven out of ten deaths in the U.S. We all have a role to play in getting food to our neighbors in need by supplying healthier food options this season to our food pantries. Education to encourage people to donate healthy food items to local pantries will also be shared on social media.

To participate, you can add each of the 12 daily items and deliver it to a pantry near you. Visit go.illinois.edu/clwfoodpantries for the daily items and a list of food pantries. For more information contact Marcia Cruse at 815-632-3611.

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