CGH Recognizes Sunshine Award Winner Candance Bousum, CNA


Candance Bousum, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) on 3rd Floor Medical Unit, was recently recognized as a recipient of the Sunshine Award for extraordinary service. The Sunshine Award was created to honor and recognize outstanding service and compassionate care by those in non-nursing roles, such as CNAs, CMTs or MAs.

“Candi went above and beyond for our patient,” said Stephanie Waller, CGH Sunshine Coordinator as she read the nomination. “She not only brought in clothing, food, electronics, and personal hygiene products for the patient, but she also made sure the patient was comfortable during her entire stay at CGH. On her day off, she took the patient on an outing, including numerous walks outside of the building. You could just see the patient’s smile and how genuinely happy she was when Candi was taking care of her.”

“Candance exemplifies endless caring and compassion for our CGH patients every day,” added Waller. “We’re so glad that she is part of our CGH team!”

Other CGH staff members nominated for the 3rd quarter Sunshine Award included: Stormi Andrew, Alaina Burtlow, Amber Guinn, Codi Hartman, Ashley Kubatzke, Rebecca Mayberry, Leslie Pettorini, Daniel Rabe, and Olivia-Hope Toppert.

If you would like to submit a nomination for extraordinary service that you or a family member have received at CGH Medical Center by a staff member in a non-nursing role, please visit

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