Deputy Republican Leader Ryan Spain


Illinois House Republican lawmakers gathered at a capitol press conference Thursday morning to discuss a recent State report detailing massive program cost increases, potentially derailing the FY24 budget.

The major topic was the fact the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services expects costs for the state’s Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program (which offers Medicaid-like services free of charge to undocumented immigrants) to rise $768 million next fiscal year.

Spain is sponsoring House Resolution 220 which urges a moratorium on the enrollment of new beneficiaries for Medicaid services under the program for undocumented immigrants and a moratorium on the expansion of Medicaid services and coverage for any new population of undocumented immigrants not already covered.

The resolution also urges the Auditor General to conduct a performance audit as soon as reasonably possible, and annually thereafter, to assess the Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ administration of the program of Medicaid services and coverage provided to undocumented immigrants.

Attached is audio with Deputy Republican Leader Ryan Spain

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