Fire at Cimco Recycling Required Multi Agency Response


At approximately 8:09 Saturday morning, Sterling Fire Department was dispatched for an outside fire. Twin-Com Dispatch then received more information and this was actually a large fire threatening structures at the Recycle Center. Rock Falls Fire and CGH EMS were then added to the response, as part of the automatic aid agreements between the departments.

With the additional information and the first in crews seeing a large volume of smoke, while still only half way there, a mutual aid response was asked for. A MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) Box 20, to the Box Alarm level was asked for.

The arriving crews found the large “fluff pile” (Remnants of what is left from crushing and shredding materials) on fire and was threatening the structures on site. Additional Alarms were called for the mutual aid response.

The structures were deemed no longer threatened after approximately 30 minutes of fire attack and activities; however, it took another approximate 4 hours to completely extinguish the fire. Cimco employees used cranes and heavy equipment to assist with extinguishment.

All in total, 15 different departments, as far away as Clinton, assisted either at the scene or standing by the Sterling or Rock Falls Fire Departments. It should be noted that no employees, nor first responders were injured during the incident.


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