Fritts Passes Three Bills in House Vote


This week, three bills that were filed by State Representative Bradley J. Fritts (R-Dixon) passed in the Illinois House of Representatives. The bills now move to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

House Bill 2963 permits Dixon Park District to place solar panels on land given to them by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The INDR and local elected officials are in support of this bill.

Rep. Fritts said, “I am very happy that HB 2963 advanced out of the House with a vote of 112-1. This bipartisan bill is a great local initiative that will keep property tax increases at bay by offsetting the operating costs of the park district.”

House Bill 2582 removes a duplicate test in place for motorcycle license applicants under the age of 18. Both tests are identical and incur a fee.

Rep Fritts stated, “Again, I am pleased that this bill passed the House with a vote of 111-0. These repetitive tests are an unfair barrier that wastes the time and money of young motorcycle applicants. This bipartisan bill is a win for everyone involved.”

House Bill 3588 creates the Care for Retired Police Dogs Program, which provides funding for the medical care of retired K-9s. It passed on a vote of 100-1 with 2 voting present.

Rep. Fritts continued, “This bill will help out police dogs that dedicate their lives to keep us safe. Their work often results in long-lasting injuries and illnesses. The least we can do to support police dogs is ensure their medical treatment is funded once they retire.”

Rep. Fritts concluded, “I want to thank my fellow representatives for voting in favor of these bills. All of the bills I filed this year are local initiatives, brought to me by the people of District 74. Passing these bills will greatly improve the lives of my constituents, and I am thankful to have bipartisan support. I look forward to my colleagues in the Senate lending their support so we can continue to help the people of Illinois.”

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