House Republican Leader Tony McCombie


Illinois House Democrats Wednesday passed legislation out of the House which Republicans say was filed at the last minute, completely lacking in transparency, smacking of self-serving political corruption, and allowing no way for the states constituents to weigh in on the proposals

An amendment was filed on Senate Bill 2412 Wednesday morning and it was assigned to the House Executive Committee.  A hearing was held shortly thereafter and on Democrat votes, it passed out of committee.   Two hours later, the bill was brought forth for a vote on the House floor.  The bill passed with 67 Democrat votes.   House Republicans all voted present as a protest vote.

The measure would put three questions on the statewide ballot.  Illinois currently limits the number of questions that can appear on a statewide ballot to three.  That means any other questions advocates would like to see on the ballot, have been squeezed out by today’s vote.

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