Plan a Safe 4th of July in Rock Falls


The Rock Falls Police Department wants to remind everyone to have a safe Fourth of July weekend.

While fireworks can be fun, every year they cause serious injury, property damage, and fires. Additionally, the loud noises and flashing lights can scare pets and cause significant issues for those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The State of Illinois prohibits the use of consumer fireworks under the Pyrotechnics Use Act (425 ILCS 35/1). Any use of consumer fireworks is only permitted after the approval of the Officer of the Illinois State Fire Marshall and the issuance of a valid Consumer Fireworks Display Permit.

Prohibited consumer fireworks include bottle rockets, roman candles, M-80’s, cherry bombs, firecrackers, and other fireworks that launch into the air and explode. Examples of prohibited consumer fireworks do not include “novelty effect” fireworks such as snakes, glow worms, smoke bombs, party poppers, and sparklers. Due to the incredibly dry conditions, use of any fireworks should be closely supervised to ensure a fire does not occur.

There will be NO personal fireworks allowed in the RB&W District during the June 30th fireworks display due to the extremely dry conditions.

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