Rep. Fritts Condemns Senate Bill 2412


Following yesterday’s passage of House Floor Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 2412 through the House, State Representative Bradley Fritts (R-Dixon) released the following statement

“Yesterday’s passage of Senate Bill 2412 is yet another sneaky move by the majority party to grab more power and interfere with our electoral process,” said Rep. Fritts. “This bill, which was amended and voted on within hours of filing, will completely upend the current rules we have for running for legislative office and being appointed to fill vacancies by one’s political party.

“The effective date of this bill means that once it is signed into law, political parties will no longer be able to slate candidates to vacancies this election cycle. This means that any candidate currently unopposed on the ballot will have a free pass to their respective office without giving voters any alternative choices. This is an unacceptable attempt at swaying election results in a year where they know that issues like the cost of living and the crime crisis are pushing voters to support common-sense solutions.

“This legislation is a blatant political move by the majority to put the minority party in a ‘trick box’. As a member of the minority party, I was proud to stand with all forty of my colleagues in a unanimous ‘Present’ vote. I am tired of the tricks and when one of the countless pieces of legislation filed actually secures elections, empowers families, protects poll workers, and lowers property taxes; I will be a proud supporter. It is time to drop the politics and tricks and work for real results.”

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