Results of Seventh Annual End Polio Now Walk


Forty-three persons were in the photo before the walk began. The route was along Hennepin Canal to Rock River, turn left on East Second Street until First Avenue in downtown Rock Falls and return on sidewalk along IL Route 40, paying close attention to crosswalks and stoplights, turning left again on East 11th Street to return to Centennial Park.

Rotary Club Presidents or Foundation chairs of the 6 clubs shared the progress of Rotary in eradicating polio in our lifetime before the walk; those speaking included Mike Albert and Jeff Gray of Rock Falls, Jennifer Heintzelman of Dixon, Jan Pistole of Walnut, Peyton Ward and Mackenzie Sisson of Rotaract and Nick Lareau of Sterling Noon. District Governor Laura Kann was introduced. A photo of all participants was taken prior to the walk as participants showed “we are this close”. Granola bars, fruit, and water were available both before and after the walk.

Thank you to the Rock Falls Rotary members who came out early to set up registration and receive donations for and/or sell T shirts prior to the walk.

T-shirts were available for a donation of a minimum of $20. Remaining T shirts for next year are only 15: 1 Small, 4 medium, 5 Large, 4 X-Large, and 1 XX Large. T shirts purchased in presales were 3 for Rock Falls, 1 for Sterling Noon, and 1 for Walnut. I would suggest that wedo NOT order more shirts for the walk next year as we only sold 6 this year and most Rotarians already have T shirts.

Six T shirts were sold at the walk for a total of $120 contribution and 5 T shirts for a total of $100 were pre-ordered by Rotarians for a total of $220 received for T shirt sales . Cost of T shirt order from Russell Hampton (See attached bill) was $227.34. That left a deficit of $27.34 which Betty will absorb.

Money turned in as cash donations was $10. Betty will add another $2.oo and each club will receive an additional $2.00 for their club contribution for End Polio Now Walk .

Thank you notes have been written to Alex Paschal, Gazette photographer; T.J. Henry of Coloma Park District for use of Larson Shelter, Sauk Valley Food Bank for granola bars and water, WSDR Tom Katz for the publicity interview and PSA the week of the walk and Mike Sterba who took the photo on day of the walk.

All six clubs will be notified when it is late August early September to plan the 2023 event. The date in 2023 needs to be set and Betty will reserve the shelter after the first of the year. Let’s critique what we are doing presently and if we need to do anything differently. Route? Publicity? Hours? Using T shirts as incentive for public donation?

Since we have had seven walks completed successfully, it has seemed less and less work each year. If there are other Rotary Clubs that you feel we should contact to join our effort, please let the committee know. The larger the participation, the larger the impact of our effort to create the awareness of this Rotary effort to eradicate polio.

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