The Locktender performed by Dexter Brigham


Central Theater, Geneseo, IL: On Saturday, April 1st. Doors open at 12:30pm and program starts at1pm. The event will end around 3pm. The event is FREE to attend.

This is a dramatic interpretation of the play The Locktender, hosted by the Friends of the Hennepin Canal and the Geneseo Park District, performed by Dexter Brigham of Midland, MI. Dexter Brigham has been a professional theatre artist for over 25 years, and has a career of directing and performing.

This titillating performance highlights the dreams and struggles of the people that lived along the Hennepin Canal; the people whose lives depended on the success and failure of the Hennepin Canal for transport and freight.

The Friends of the Hennepin Canal was formed to preserve, protect, and enhance the park experience at the Hennepin Canal State Park. Funding supports maintenance, recreational, historical, and educational opportunities. You can join the Friends of the Hennepin Canal’s organization at:

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