What Are Your Thoughts on Sterling’s River Front?


The Sterling Riverfront Commission is inviting members of the community to share their input on enhancements to the City’s riverfront area. The meeting and open house will take place at Champs Banquet Facility, 9 E. 3rd Street, Sterling on April 5, 2023 from 5pm – 7pm.

Late last year the Riverfront Commission earned Sterling City Council approval to move forward on a multi-million dollar development plan created after months of input from community leaders, businesses, and Gorman and Company, a leading Midwest community development company. The current phase of the project will present several public design features to engage the community in discussion of the project and provide an opportunity for feedback.

Marc Geil, Commission Co-Chair noted, “This has been a grassroots effort from the beginning and our goal has been to make the City’s investment in the riverfront mirror the needs of different groups within Sterling so we create a community focal point that every age can enjoy throughout the year. Input from community members on the finer design details will help us move the project forward more quickly.”

The Riverfront Commission community meeting will provide the opportunity for members of the community to provide recommendations, as well as learn more about the City’s overall plans for riverfront development in the coming months, as well as the next several years. Geil concluded, “This meeting is an exciting opportunity for the community to join in ownership of the final project and move the Riverfront Commission one step closer toward the expected start of construction later this year. The ‘final product’ will be something every member of the community will be proud of.”

About the City of Sterling Riverfront Commission: The Sterling Riverfront Commission was created by the Sterling City Council in 2022 as a recommendation of the City’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan. It provides recommendations on access and multiple-use development features with a goal of rehabilitating Sterling’s riverfront along the scenic Rock River. The Commission is comprised of community members committed to utilizing the riverfront to enhance

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