Students Compete in the IVCC Regional Academic Challenge on February 2nd


A total of 158 students from eight schools competed in the IVCC Regional Academic Challenge.
Teams finishing first or second, and individuals finishing first or second in each division and testing category, advance to the Eureka College sectional on March 11, 2024. State finals are April 8th–11th at EIU, said IVCC Academic Challenge Coordinator Ron Groleau, Dean of Natural Sciences and Business.

Each participant took two exams from among seven possible disciplines: biology, English, math, computer science, physics, engineering graphics, and chemistry.

Ottawa Township High School, Seneca Township High School and St. Bede Academy each won their respective team divisions at the Feb. 2 Illinois Valley Community College Regional Academic Challenge sponsored by Eastern Illinois University.

Ottawa won Division 1500 (enrollments of 701-1500) followed by Streator. Seneca captured Division 700 (enrollments of 301-700) followed by Mendota and Hall high schools. St. Bede took Division 300 (enrollment of 300 or fewer) followed by Marquette Academy.

Division 300 winners:

Biology: Mary Lechtenberg, Marquette, first; Greyson Marincic, St. Bede, second.

Chemistry: Gordon Chen, St. Bede, first; Victoria Mendez, St. Bede, second.

Computer Science: Yigit Arslan, St. Bede, first; Abraham Wiesbrock, St. Bede, second; Engineering Graphics, Charlie Mullen, Marquette, first; Amie Tomaszewski, St. Bede, second. English: Jenna Gammons, Marquette, first; Bella Hagenbuch, St. Bede, second.

Mathematics: Gordon Chen, St. Bede, first; Greyson Marincic, St. Bede, second. Physics: Yigit Arslan, St. Bede, first; Zach Popurella, St. Bede, second.

Division 700 winners:

Biology: Owen Schroeder, Mendota, first; Ada Krull, Mendota, second.

Chemistry: Layla Fessler, Seneca, first; Erinn Kenney, Seneca, second.

Computer Science: Payton McDonald, Seneca, first; Jacob Hasselbring, Seneca, second.

Engineering Graphics: Casey Klicker, Seneca, first; Haden Shakespeare, Mendota, and Clayton Fusinetti, Hall, tied for second. English: Layla Fessler, Seneca, Jay Sims, Mendota, and Taila Johnson, Seneca, tied for first; Kenny Daggett, Seneca, second.

Mathematics: Payton McDonald, Seneca, first; Anthony Kelson, Mendota, second. Physics: Nathan Grant, Seneca, first; Kaley Siemer, Mendota, Bria Frey, Mendota, and Anthony Kelson, Mendota, tied for second.

Division 1500 winners:

Biology: Delroy Jones, Streator, first; Palmer Phillis, Streator, second.

Chemistry: Gavin Diaz, L-P Township High School, first; Andie Kerestes, Ottawa, and Palmer Phillis, Streator, tied for second.

Computer Science: Gavin Diaz, L-P, first; Kate Passwater, Ottawa, second. Engineering Graphics: Aric Threadgill, Ottawa, first; Kate Passwater, second. English: Brent McLaughlin, Ottawa, first; Isabel Liebhart, Ottawa, second.

Mathematics: Emma Cushing, Ottawa, and Danielle Giacinto, Streator, tied for first; Christian Gray, Ottawa, second. Physics: Keegan Gromm, Ottawa, first; Christian Gray, Ottawa, second.

Academic Challenge coaches were Andrew Jackson, Seneca; Glenn Weathorford, Ottawa; Dan Fitzpatrick, St. Bede; Doug Harris, Streator; Theresa Sartain, Hall; Kathryn Ewers, Marquette; Eric Straughn, Mendota, and Eric Bjerkass, L-P.

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