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Toulon Resident Gets Five Years in Prison for Aggravated Sexual Abuse


A 30-year-old Toulon resident was sentenced to five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) for the reduced charge of aggravated criminal sexual abuse on May 23rd. Wade Serven was originally charged with two counts of criminal sexual assault by force for an assault that occurred in Kewanee between May 12th and 13th, 2023. Serven pleaded guilty to the amended charge on January 17th and the second count was dismissed per the agreement. Serven doesn’t have a criminal history, which is “unusual in a case like this that the defendant doesn’t have prior crimes,” said Judge Terry Patton. Wade Serven must serve 85% of the five years in IDOC, she will be on three years to a lifetime of Mandatory Supervised Release following her release from prison. Wade Serven must register as a sex offender for life. Serven must submit DNA, submit to STD/HIV testing, and pay the fees associated with both. She must reimburse $900 to the probation office for the sex offender evaluation.

The victim submitted a written statement to the court. State’s Attorney Runty said safety is something we hold dear and that safety was violated by Wade Serven. While the charge is probationable, State’s Attorney Runty said neither she nor the victim are asking for probation.  She said that probation would not stop this defendant from hurting another person. The state asked for five years in IDOC. The victim has suffered mental trauma from this attack and will likely suffer for the rest of her life.

Wade Serven submitted a statement to the court on April 16th, in which she admitted she was wrong and that she was sorry for her actions. However, during the presentencing investigation (PSI), she said that she went to the victim’s home to find out why she was being distant.  Serven told the probation officer that they had consensual intercourse, and the victim told him she was fine in a text after the incident. Judge Patton said that Serven acknowledged wrongdoing and feels remorse, she wants to be an upstanding citizen. “How sincere is that?” Judge Patton said, “All of a sudden it was all consensual in the PSI.” Judge Patton said this is concerning because Serven is minimizing the incident. Serven told the victim that “she wanted it” and that she owed her sexual favors. Judge Patton said, “It’s a premeditated attack that continued on, and continued on, and continued on.”

Attorney Camp said Ms. Serven has no criminal history, and there have been no problems with her release on bond.  Judge Patton said that Serven would comply with the court as long as she “was under the thumb of the court.” Attorney Camp said that probation is where the court is supposed to start with these types of crimes. Attorney Camp said that Serven has kept all her appointments with him and is unlikely to commit another crime. Judge Patton said that Serven had no priors, but she minimized what happened. “This is not someone remorseful for what they did, but worried about getting caught, and what will happen when caught.” Judge Patton said there are mental and emotional wounds for the victim for a very long time, and possibly forever.

Before handing down his judgment, Judge Patton said that the victim told Serven many times that she didn’t want to comply, but the defendant kept going and wouldn’t stop. Wade Serven knocked on the victim’s door a little before midnight on May 12, 2023. Serven had periodically attempted to contact the victim since their relationship ended badly years ago. Serven entered the home without permission when the victim opened the door and said she wanted to talk. After her arrest, she confessed to the assault to the Kewanee Police Department.  Security footage from area cameras showed a person matching the defendant’s description around 11:48 PM.

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