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City of Kewanee Announces Emergency Water Shutoff and Boil Order


Due to an emergency service line repair, the City of Kewanee on Wednesday announced a water shutoff and boiler for the following areas…

200 block of E Garfield
301 E Garfield
309 E Garfield
321 E Garfield
300 block of Dwight St
400 block of Dwight St
510 Dwight St
300 block of Edwards
All of Emmons Ave
234 E McClure St
236 E McClure St

Crews are working to restore service in the area and will update as soon as the repair is complete. For now water has been shutoff in these areas and once the service is restored a boil order will be in place for the affected areas. This boil order applies to water used for drinking and cooking only.

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