City of LaSalle Lifts Shelter at Home and Updates Latest on Carus Chemical Fire


The City of LaSalle has lifted the Shelter at Home advisory they released in the immediate aftermath of the fire at Carus Chemical. Mayor Jeff Grove and other city official spoke to the media on Wednesday evening and released a new statement with their most up to the moment update on the fire…

“The shelter in place recommendation for 3rd and 4th wards residents of La Salle has been lifted as of 5 p.m. today.
City officials as well as representatives from Carus Chemical and the EPA gathered at City Hall shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday to update the public regarding the Carus Chemical fire.
Carus Chemical Vice President of Operations Allen Gibbs said the material released during the incident, potassium permanganate, is used as a drinking water material. “It is in your drinking water as a normal product. If you come in contact with that material, it can cause staining on the skin. The material can be safely rinsed away with water.”
He further explained it can look slightly pink or green when it first comes in contact with water.
“The stain does not pose a health threat and you can remove the stain with a one-to one solution of household vinegar and household hydrogen peroxide.”
Robert Kondreck of the United States Environmental Protection Agency was also on site to say a few contractors are doing air monitoring and will continue their investigations.
At this time, he said any potential runoff from the firefighting appears to be contained on site at this time. It does not appear to have runoff into the Vermilion River, but the investigation will continue.
For more information, the EPA will operate a website at It will be live shortly.
The Illinois EPA and US Coast Guard have also assisted in the investigation. The City of La Salle will hold another press conference at 2 p.m. Thursday with any updates.
Mayor Jeff Grove said he was thankful the fire led to no loss of life.
Fire Chief Jerry Janick noted one firefighter was injured but was treated and released. Carus Chemical is operating a hotline for questions from the public at 815-224-6662. .”

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