Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines Discussion Regarding Proposed Pipelines Through Henry and Knox Counties


The Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines is a coalition of Illinois Environmental Groups, Landowners and residents concerned about safety hazards associated with a network of CO2 Pipelines across the State of Illinois. The Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines is hosting a free program on Sunday, April 16, 2023, at 1 PM in Bishop Hill to provide information about the proposed CO2 Wolf Carbon Solutions/ADM Mt. Simon Hub pipeline. The Mt. Simon Hub is the most recent pipeline proposed for construction in Illinois. It would carry high pressure CO2 from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, towards Peoria and into Macon County. It is the second CO2 pipeline to make its way to Illinois. Navigator CO2 Ventures crosses four Midwestern states before making its way to Illinois. If approved, both CO2 pipelines would pass through Henry and Knox Counties. The Presentation is at the Bishop Hill Creative Commons, 309 N. Bishop Hill Street, and features Brian “Fox” Ellis.

Spurred by the promise of billions of dollars in federal tax credits, private companies such as Wolf/ADM and Navigator are making plans to construct hundreds of miles of carbon dioxide pipelines across 22 Illinois counties and the Midwest. These pipelines are intended to transport carbon dioxide emitted from industries in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota to designated locations in central Illinois, where it will be pumped underground, with the hope that it will remain permanently stored. Opposition to these projects is rapidly growing across Illinois as residents cite concerns over safety, crop loss, damage to soil and drainage systems and the forced taking of land through eminent domain.

On Sunday, April 16th, members of the Coalition will explain how CO2 pipelines differ from oil and gas pipelines. They will discuss safety concerns for pipelines that carry an asphyxiant, versus a source of energy, and the dangers CO2 pipeline ruptures can have on the lives of humans and animals. Illinois farmers will share how pipelines permanently damage soil, sever drainage tiles and reduce crop production. Learn how residents across the state are coming together to oppose CO2 pipeline projects, and how to organize to protect your family and community.

The Coalition to Stop CO 2 Pipelines is a growing coalition of Illinois environmental groups, landowners, and residents concerned about the environmental, economic, and the unprecedented safety hazards associated with building a network of CO 2 pipelines across the state. The coalition believes the mad rush to build these pipelines as part of the technology called carbon capture and sequestration is dangerous and a false solution that will keep Illinois reliant on fossil fuels.

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