Concerned Calls Regarding a Dog Outside in During Cold Days on Wilbur Street


A post on the “What’s Happening in Kewanee and Wethersfield” expressed concern over a dog outside during the days when temperatures were below zero and city ordinances regarding animals outside in cold temps.  We talked with Deputy Chief Steven Kijanowsi from the Kewanee Police Department regarding this specific call and Kewanee City Ordinances.  Deputy Chief Kijanowski told RegionalDailyNews that he personally checked into the call to ensure officers are handling those calls appropriately after seeing several people commenting about the dog outside in the 900 block of Wilbur.

“The officer went to the residence and found the dog to be in a healthy condition with food and water and not showing any signs of distress from the cold weather.    The dog was identified as a Husky so it can be out in colder temps.  Additionally, there was a heater inside the shelter.   Also, there were some comments about our city ordinances.  In addition to city ordinances, we can enforce state law regarding animals, specifically the humane care for animals act of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.  This section outlines owner responsibilities.  We have enforced this statute and taken animals into custody based on this statute in the past.”  If anyone has any issues, please reach out to Deputy Chief Kijanowski or Chief Welgat so they can address them if necessary at 309-853-1911.

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