Council to Vote on Zoning Variance for Dollar General on Monday, February 27th


The February 15th Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting voted unanimously in favor of the zoning request from Dollar General Corporation for property located at 600, 608 & 614 N. Main Street, for a variance of 15 feet to the required 20 feet rear setback and a variance of 11 parking spaces to the required 46 spaces as required in a B-3 District.  Dollar General Corporation told RegionalMediaNews “We are currently in a due diligence phase to relocate our store currently located at 145 W. South Street, meaning we are exploring the opportunity but have not yet committed to doing so”.  The Kewanee City Council will vote on the Zoning request at the Monday, February 27, 2023, council meeting.  Chris Cozad, “The Dent Guy”, will relocate to one of Reiman Harley Davidson’s buildings.  There is currently no agreed upon move date for the current owner because there is no formal commitment between the parties at this time.  The plan is to dismantle and move the steel building.  Dollar General Corporation will demolish the house for their new structure.

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