Councilmember Steve Faber Recovering from A Double Lung Transplant


Steve Faber has been a member of the Kewanee City Council for many years and he also helps numerous charities around the area. He needs your help now.  Steve has helped with the Prairie Chicken Arts Festival, the American Flag Project, Friends of The Animals, Windmont Park Lighting and the Kewanee City Pound, to name a few. Steve and his wife have played Santa and Mrs. Claus for the children of Kewanee, including fur-friends for Friends of the Animals, each year. The past year was different for Steve Faber. Steve was unable to do his normal work, volunteering and socializing due to his lungs failing. After being in the hospital since June 27th, Steve was added to the transplant waiting list on July 13th and received an offer for two lungs on July 15th.  Steve had a double lung transplant overnight on July 15, 2023. The transplant team flew to Florida to examine and collect two lungs that were a perfect match for Steve.  Steve is doing very good with his recovery but he still has a long road ahead of him, including a required three month stay at a condo in Chicago after he is released from the hospital. Steve will have frequent appointments at Northwestern Memorial Hospital during that three month stay and will be on a special diet. Insurance does not cover the post-transplant expenses, such as lodging, so his family and friends have been working hard to raise funds to help with the expenses related to his transplant.  Steve is required to have 24/7 care during the three months in Chicago, which isn’t covered by insurance.  Family and Friends have volunteered to be caretakers during that time.  At this time, there isn’t enough money to cover the rent on the Condo, let alone travel expenses for the caretakers and food for Steve’s special diet.

Mayor Gary Moore said “Even though Steve is progressing well, he still is not out of the woods.  Please continue to pray for him and for a complete recovery.”  Dianne Packee talked about missing Steve at the Prairie Chicken Arts Festival.  Dianne said “Steve is such an asset to both our organizations.  His personality always makes people laugh and he was always there to help.”  “We really missed him this year when it came to putting up the lights and lifting the heavy objects, with the majority of our small group being vertically challenged.  Steve assumed responsibility and made sure the Prairie Chicken Arts Festival was successful and was greatly appreciated by sharing the workload.  I hope and pray that, in time, he is able to come back to us and live the life that has been given back to him, thanks to the organ donor program.”  Click here to learn more about organ donation or to become an organ donor.  Click here for more information on lung transplants.

Steve talked with Sean in the Studio prior to the transplant surgery and said he intends to “fight to live” and he is fighting to live. Steve said he is not giving up on his duties with the Kewanee City Council.  He said he may be down but he’s not going anywhere.  Steve Faber also told people not to wait as long as he did to get a transplant.  If you would like to donate or help:

  • Steve Faber Lung Transplant Expenses goFundMe.
  • Benefit on September 9, 2023, from 4-9 PM at the Flemish American Club on Burr Blvd
  • Present the flyer at Kewanee Pizza Hut on September 19th and Pizza Hit will donate a percentage of Dine-in or Carry-out orders, (must show certificate), contact Kathy Hand or Lisa Pitzer for a certificate.
  • Contact Deirdre Scott or Dianne Packee for Raffle tickets to win gas cards, $20 a ticket (drawing September 25th).
  • “Steve Faber Lung Fund” Benefit account at Community State Bank (CSB)
  • Tim Bryner is donating a chainsaw carving to Raffle
  • Venmo at @Terri-Wolfe-20 (Steve’s Sister)
  • Donate to Canisters around Kewanee

You can send cards or letters to:

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
Room 2017
355 East Erie Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611

****The room number could change at any time****
Canisters around Kewanee
Mayor Gary and Jeanna Moore. Council member Steve and Peggy Faber at the First ‘Pride Fest’ in Kewanee
Prairie Chicken Festival Committee Meeting
Steve Faber building a wall in the city pound building
Playing Santa for The Salvation Army
Raising money for The Kewanee Prairie Chicken Arts Festival
Steve Faber at Relay for Life
Friends of the Animals Fundraiser

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