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Court Updates from 11/21/2022


Austin Norberg:  Austin Norberg remains in the Henry County Jail on a $300,000 (10%) bond across all open cases.  The Defense received the video they requested and Mr. Camp wants time to review the video with his client.  The video is related to case 22CF205 and the State elects 22CF205 to go to trial.  A continuance was granted over objection from the State to December 19, 2022, at 9 AM.  Judge James Cosby said this is the last continuance.  Norberg is set for trial the week of December 27, 2022.

Norberg is charged with (22CF205) – Armed Violence with a Category II Weapon (Class X Felony), Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer (Class 2 Felony), Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon (Class 2 Felony), Aggravated Battery/Great Bodily Harm (Class 3 Felony) and Aggravated Battery (Class 2 Felony) for the incident where he pulled a knife when Kewanee Police Officers were attempting to arrest him on a warrant.  (22CF23) – He is charged with Obstruct Justice (Class 4 Felony) from a January arrest.  (22CF24) – He is charged with Possession of Meth <5 Grams (Class 3 Felony) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Class A Misdemeanor).  Read details of his case here.

Tyler Westefer:  Tyler Westefer remains in the Henry County Jail on a $250,000 (10%) bond.  Defense Attorney Matt Paulson requested a continuance of the Preliminary hearing to December 5, 2022, at 1 PM.  Mr. Paulson requested a Motion Hearing for a Bond Reduction and to address the Bond Forfeiture of $5,000 from Mr. Westefer’s failure to appear on a Preliminary hearing for a different case.  The Motion hearings are scheduled for December 2, 2022, at 1 PM.

Westefer was charged with Aggravated Unlawful use of a Weapon (Class 4 Felony), Obstructing Justice (Class 4 Felony), Possession of Cannabis 100-500 Grams (Class 4 Felony), Possession with Intent to Deliver Cannabis 100-500 Grams (Class 3 Felony).  Case number 2022CF315.  Westefer is charged with Criminal Trespass with Persons Present and Mob Action from a July 29, 2022, incident, Case number 2022CF238.  Read details of the case here.

Samantha Engholm:  Samantha Engholm remains in the Henry County Jail on a $25,000 (10%) bond.  Engholm is charged with driving the vehicle that fled from police where Tyler Westefer was the passenger.  The vehicle stopped out by Black Hawk College and Engholm was taken into custody.  Engholm waived the Preliminary Hearing and Formal Arraignment.  She pleaded not guilty and waived a Reading of Charges.  A Jury Pre-Trial is scheduled for December 22, 2022, at 10 AM.  Attorney Aaron Dyer requested a brief Bond Review on behalf of his client.  Engholm is five months pregnant and has a good job according to Attorney Dyer.  Mr. Dyer said Ms. Engholm is able to post $1,500.  Mr. Dyer requested Engholm be released on her Own Recognizance or lower the bond to $15,000 (10%).  Judge Cosby lowered the bond to $15,000 (10%) but added a new bond condition.  Ms. Engholm is to have NO contact with Tyler Westefer at all while the case is pending.  Judge Cosby said “Don’t violate that no contact or I’ll put you back in”.  Read details of the case here.

Engholm was charged with Fleeing and Eluding (Class 4 Felony), Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding (Class 3 Felony), Reckless Driving (Class A Misdemeanor) and numerous traffic offenses on November 10th.  Her bond was set at $25,000 (10%).  Case number 2022CF316.

Christopher Evans:  Christopher Evans remains in the Henry County Jail on a $75,000 (10%) bond.  After the guilty verdict at the Jury Trial for theft in September, Mr. Evans requested new counsel.  Judge Cosby allowed Attorney Camp to withdraw as counsel and appointed Attorney Clark Miljush in October.  Due to the contract expiration with the County, Attorney Clark Miljush was allowed to withdraw as counsel for Mr. Evans.  On November 17th, Judge Cosby requested Mr. Evans to the courtroom to inform him of the change in Defense Attorney.  At his Final Pre-Trial on November 21, 2022, Evans met his new defense attorney, Aaron Dyer, and had a conversation regarding his issues with the Jury Trial.  The courtroom was able to hear and watch Mr. Evans talking with Mr. Dyer.  Judge Cosby interrupted the conversation to let Mr. Evans know people could hear him.  The case will be moved back to Jury Pre-Trial to allow Mr. Dyer time to review the open case and determine if any post-trial motions need to be filed.  The Jury Pre-Trial is continued to December 22, 2022, at 10 AM.  Read details on the case here.

Christopher Evans is charged with Failure to Report an Injury Accident (Class 2 Felony), Aid/ABET/Possession of a Stolen Vehicle (Class 2 Felony), Aggravated Fleeing (Class 4 Felony) and Resisting a Peace Officer (Class A Misdemeanor).  Case 2022CF239.

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