COVID-19 Infection Numbers Up Notably Over Thanksgiving Holiday


The latest COVID-19 numbers for the 7 day period, ending Tuesday, December 6th, and the first numbers released since the Thanksgiving Holiday, are up higher than we’d hoped. RaeAnn Tucker with the Henry and Stark County Health Department tells that in the previous 7 days there 95 new, confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Henry County and 48 new cases in Stark County. That is nearly 100 new cases confirmed from the previous 7 day period. The spike in cases has led to Stark County being placed in the medium risk category by state standards and may place Henry County in the medium risk category when that status is updated on Friday. Medium risk simply means there is a higher rate of COVID-19 transmission. It’s a potentially higher possibility of the spread of COVID-19. Residents can mitigate this by choosing to wear a mask in congregate settings, keeping social distance, handwashing and so on. If you are vaccinated and boosted, you are less likely to get infected than those who are not. If you do get infected, the illness is unlikely to be as severe as it potentially could be to those who are not vaccinated. RaeAnn Tucker discussed this topic on Wake Up TriCounties on Thursday.

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